Ósé philosophy

What is a handbag for a true lady? It is the whole mini world of hers, and it means the universe for a handbag designer.
While working on my designs, I contemplate the entire portrait of their future owner: personality and preferences, individual taste and beliefs, personal habits and weaknesses, finally, age and social status.

Every and each handbag is truly unique because in the process of creating it I pay attention to each detail, such as texture and compatibility of fabrics. As a result of this special attention to detail my handbags are attractive, interesting and easy to wear ( or at least I hope so!)
My key principle is to never reproduce the same model, therefore those who appreciate uniqueness are bound to choose and acquire my handbags.

For me, the very process of creation is self- expression. I always try to be open-minded and sincere, so there is a piece of me in every final product, and I hope that my designs will provide as much pleasure for their new owners as they did for me.

Yours truly,
Individuality above fashion!

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